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The Growth of a Healthy Food Brand: Bare Naked Foods Net Worth Revealed

The Growth of a Healthy Food Brand: Bare Naked Foods Net Worth Revealed

Looking for a way to eat healthier without sacrificing taste? Bare Naked Foods has got you covered with their innovative, health-focused products. With a net worth of over £2 million and availability in major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco, they’re changing the game in healthy eating.

This blog will give you the inside scoop on how this brand grew from a simple idea to a supermarket staple, offering lower-calorie, zero-fat options that don’t skimp on flavor. Read on – it’s tasty stuff!

Key Takeaways

  • Ross Mendham started Bare Naked Foods to make healthy eating tasty. He created low-carb, zero-fat noodles using the konjac plant.
  • After appearing on Dragons’ Den, Peter Jones invested £60,000 in Bare Naked Foods for half the company. This investment helped the brand grow.
  • The net worth of Bare Naked Foods is over £2 million. Products are found in big stores like Sainsbury’s and Tesco and online on Amazon UK.

The Origin of Bare Naked Foods

A variety of vibrant fruits and vegetables arranged on a wooden table.

Ross Mendham dreamed big when he started Bare Naked Foods. He wanted to offer healthy, tasty alternatives that everyone could enjoy.

Founder Ross Mendham’s Vision

Ross Mendham saw a gap in the healthy food industry. He wanted to make low-carb, low-calorie, and zero-fat noodles that could help people like him stick to their diets. His struggle with maintaining a low-carb diet was the spark that led to Bare Naked Foods.

Mendham’s vision was clear – create protein options and noodles from the konjac plant that everyone looking for healthier alternatives could enjoy.

He turned this idea into reality by founding Bare Naked Foods Limited. This move wasn’t just about launching new products; it was about changing how we think of health-conscious eating.

The brand became a pioneer, offering tasty yet nutritious choices that didn’t sacrifice flavor for health benefits. Through his innovative approach, Mendham aimed to transform the grocery market one healthy alternative at a time.

The Impact of Dragons’ Den on Bare Naked Foods

A display of The Bare Naked Foods product line in a modern kitchen.

When Bare Naked Foods stepped onto the Dragons’ Den stage, their game changed forever with a successful pitch that caught the eye of dragon Peter Jones.

The Successful Pitch and Investments

Ross Mendham stepped onto the Dragons’ Den stage with a vision. He pitched his healthy noodles to dragons Duncan Bannatyne, Piers Linney, and Peter Jones. His product? Low-carb, low-calorie, and zero-fat noodles that promise weight loss benefits.

The pitch sparked interest immediately.

Peter Jones saw potential in Bare Naked Foods and made an offer Mendham couldn’t refuse—£60,000 for half the company. This investment marked a turning point for Bare Naked Foods, setting it on a path to success and growth in the health food industry.

Bare Naked Foods’ Financial Growth

Bare Naked Foods has seen its net worth soar, thanks to a steady increase in demand for healthy alternatives. The company’s cash flow grew significantly, reflecting their success in the competitive food industry.

Current Net Worth and Revenue

Diving straight into the financials behind Bare Naked Foods, we find a brand that’s not just surviving, but thriving. With a net worth clocking in at over £2 million, it’s clear that this healthy food pioneer has carved out a significant niche for itself in a competitive market.

Financial AspectDetails
Net WorthOver £2 million
Major RetailersSainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Amazon UK
FounderRoss Mendham

This table isn’t just numbers and names—it’s a testament to the impact and reach Bare Naked Foods has achieved. From the vision of founder Ross Mendham to the shelves of major retailers like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Morrisons, not to mention a strong online presence on Amazon UK, the brand’s journey is one of strategic growth and market savvy.

The net worth of over £2 million speaks volumes. It’s not just a figure; it’s a milestone that reflects countless healthy meals on tables across the UK, a deepening trust with consumers, and a solid footing in the retail world. By focusing on health-conscious consumers and leveraging opportunities like Dragons’ Den, Bare Naked Foods has turned what started as a vision into a vibrant reality, showing what’s possible with the right mix of passion, product, and perseverance.


Bare Naked Foods has come a long way, thanks to Ross Mendham‘s vision and determination. From a challenging start-up phase to securing investment on Dragons’ Den, the brand now boasts a net worth of over £2 million.

Products are flying off the shelves in major supermarkets and Amazon UK, proving healthy eating can be both delicious and accessible. This journey not only highlights the power of innovative thinking in the food industry but also shows how resilience can turn an idea into a thriving business success story.


1. What is Bare Naked Foods, and how did it start?

Bare Naked Foods is a company that makes healthy food, like special flour. It started as a tiny idea but got big when they went on Dragon’s Den, a TV show. There, people like Levi Roots and Doug Richard listen to new business ideas.

2. Did Bare Naked Foods get any deals from Dragons’ Den?

Yes! When the owner of Bare Naked Foods presented his idea on Dragons’ Den, he impressed the dragons. They saw potential in his healthy food brand and decided to invest in it.

3. How much is Bare Naked Foods worth now?

After appearing on Dragon’s Den, Bare Naked Foods grew a lot! Its net worth increased because more people wanted to buy its healthy products. The exact number changes over time but it’s definitely more than when they started.

4. Can I find Bare Naked Foods products easily?

Absolutely! After their success on Dragon’s Den and with growing interest in eating healthily, you can find their products in many stores and online too—right there in your inbox if you sign up for updates or order them directly.