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Bug Bite Thing Net Worth: Examining the Business’s Financial Success

Bug Bite Thing Net Worth: Examining the Business’s Financial Success

Mosquito bites are itchy and annoying, right? Bug Bite Thing offers a solution without using chemicals. This gadget’s sales jumped from $500,000 to $11 million after appearing on “Shark Tank.” We’ll explore how this simple tool became a financial success and what lies ahead for its future.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bug Bite Thing’s sales skyrocketed from $500,000 to $11 million in just 18 months after appearing on “Shark Tank” with Lori Greiner’s partnership.
  • The product is now available in over 25,000 retail locations worldwide and has become the number one seller in Amazon’s insect bite relief category.
  • Kelley Higney started Bug Bite Thing to help people relieve discomfort from insect bites without chemicals, growing the company’s net worth significantly to a predicted $30 million by 2022.
  • Customer feedback highlights its effectiveness, ease of use, and chemical – free solution as major reasons for its popularity, amassing over 90,000 reviews on Amazon.

Overview of Bug Bite Thing

Close-up of Bug Bite Thing on mosquito bite in natural setting.

Bug Bite Thing offers a unique solution to the annoyance of insect bites and stings. It’s all about easing discomfort with a clever suction tool, guided by a strong mission to improve lives.

The Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool

The Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool stands out as a game-changer for anyone tired of the itching and swelling that comes with insect bites and stings. It’s an eco-friendly gadget that uses no chemicals to relieve discomfort.

Just apply it to the affected area, pull up on the tool, and it sucks out the irritants from under your skin. This simple yet effective process drastically reduces inflammation and itchiness, making outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

Found in over 25,000 retail locations worldwide—including big names like The Home Depot and Walmart—this suction tool has caught the attention of many. Its popularity soared even higher after a successful appearance on “Shark Tank,” where Kelley Higney secured a deal with Lori Greiner.

Now, this affordable solution to insect bites is not just a relief provider but also an essential item in homes across 25 countries, proving itself indispensable for tackling those pesky insect bites quickly and safely.

The company’s mission and vision

Bug Bite Thing aims to provide relief from insect bites and stings without using chemicals. They believe in a natural approach through a unique suction device. Their goal is clear: help people enjoy the outdoors worry-free.

They envision reaching worldwide distribution across 25,000 major retailers and expanding into 25 countries on six continents. By 2021, they aimed for $15 million in sales and hoped to double that by 2022.

This ambitious vision guides their every move as they strive to make outdoor activities safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

The Founder of Bug Bite Thing: Kelley Higney

A variety of Bug Bite Thing products displayed in outdoor setting.

Kelley Higney is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for turning problems into successful businesses. She launched Bug Bite Thing to help people find relief from pesky insect bites, drawing on her skills and passion to drive the company forward.

Brief background and skills

Before embarking on her business venture, Kelley Higney worked in various roles that honed her skills in marketing and sales. She became a serial entrepreneur with a sharp eye for understanding target audiences.

Her experiences equipped her with a strategic mindset, crucial for navigating the competitive marketplace.

Higney’s leadership at Bug Bite Thing is marked by innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction. She excels in social media advertising, employing platforms like Facebook, Instagram Live, and Twitter to connect with consumers directly.

This approach has not only increased brand awareness but also improved employee engagement within her company. A member of both the Fast Company Executive Board and Forbes Business Council, Kelley continues to receive accolades for her impact on the insect bite relief industry.

Bug Bite Thing’s Success on “Shark Tank”

Bug Bite Thing soared after teaming up with Lori Greiner on “Shark Tank,” sparking a major boost in growth—dive deeper to catch the full buzz.

Partnership with Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner, a star on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” saw potential in Bug Bite Thing and decided to partner with the company. This partnership marked a turning point for Bug Bite Thing, bringing it into the national spotlight.

With Lori’s backing, the product gained credibility and visibility, making it more attractive to consumers looking for effective solutions to bug bites.

The deal not only positioned Bug Bite Thing as a top choice for relief from tick-borne diseases and wasp stings but also boosted its sales figures significantly. Lori Greiner’s marketing expertise helped refine Bug Bite Thing’s value proposition, enhancing its market presence on platforms like and improving customer feedback metrics.

Through strategic mentorship and access to her wide network, Lori played a pivotal role in transforming Bug Bite Thing from a startup into a must-have health tool across America.

Impact on the company’s growth

After sealing the deal with Lori Greiner, Bug Bite Thing’s journey skyrocketed. Sales leaped from $500,000 to a staggering $11 million in just 18 months. This massive growth wasn’t just in numbers; the company’s workforce grew significantly too.

Originally running with only two employees, they expanded their team to 30 dedicated members. Plans are already in motion to recruit 10 more talents by year’s end.

This expansion also meant spreading their wings further into retail territories. With Greiner’s guidance and networking prowess, Bug Bite Thing found its way onto shelves of over 25,000 major retailers including giants like The Home Depot and Walmart.

Such exposure was critical for escalating their market presence and ensuring that customers across the nation could easily find and benefit from this innovative solution at a checkout near them.

Financial Success of Bug Bite Thing

Bug Bite Thing soared financially, with sales skyrocketing after a successful Shark Tank appearance—find out how they did it!

Retail sales figures

Diving into the retail sales figures of Bug Bite Thing unveils an astonishing journey of financial success. It’s a story that stretches from humble beginnings to dominating market shelves and online platforms worldwide. Let’s break down the numbers to understand the magnitude of Bug Bite Thing’s achievement.

YearRetail Sales FiguresGrowth
Pre-Shark Tank$500,000
Post-Shark Tank (18 months later)$11 millionSignificant
2021 ProjectionOver $15 millionSteady increase
2022 Prediction$30 millionDoubling

The table above paints a clear picture of a business on the rise. From an initial $500,000 in sales, the company saw a meteoric rise to $11 million in just a year and a half, post their successful stint on Shark Tank. The partnership with Lori Greiner played a pivotal role in this growth. It catapulted the brand into a different league, setting a strong foundation for future success.

Sales projections for 2021 exceeded $15 million, showcasing the enduring appeal and effectiveness of the Bug Bite Thing’s solution. The forecast for 2022 was even more optimistic, with expectations to double the previous year’s figures, hinting at a $30 million landmark.

This journey highlights not just the financial growth but also the expanding trust and reliance of customers on Bug Bite Thing’s products. With an extended presence in 25,000 major retail locations and a burgeoning international market spanning 25 countries across six continents, the company has effectively transitioned from a promising startup to a dominant force in the pest control solution space.

Projected growth

Moving from the current success in retail sales, Bug Bite Thing is setting its sights on even bigger achievements. The company’s sales are expected to skyrocket, going from $15 million in 2021 to a whopping $30 million by the end of 2022.

This ambitious goal highlights not only the demand for their product but also their effective strategies in marketing and customer experience.

To support this rapid expansion, Bug Bite Thing plans to strengthen its team by hiring 10 more employees before the year closes. This move signals their commitment to scaling up operations while maintaining high-quality service—a smart strategy that aligns with both consumer behaviors and economic trends.

With such robust growth on the horizon, it’s clear that Bug Bite Thing is on a path to redefine its market presence and achieve unprecedented financial success.

Bug Bite Thing’s Market Presence

Bug Bite Thing has made a big splash on Amazon, quickly climbing the ranks and wowing customers with its effectiveness.

Ranking on Amazon

Bug Bite Thing has soared to the top on Amazon. It became the number one seller in the insect bite relief category. This success came after gathering over 30,000 positive reviews in just 18 months.

Now, with more than 90,000 reviews, customers trust it for quick and effective relief from bug bites.

Shoppers looking for bug bite solutions turn to Amazon Prime for free shipping and other perks. The high ranking makes Bug Bite Thing easy to find and buy. This visibility helps draw even more customers.

Let’s explore how customer reviews have shaped its reputation next.

Customer reviews and feedback

After clinching a top spot on Amazon, Bug Bite Thing’s journey doesn’t stop there. The company’s track record for excellence is further cemented by the feedback from its customer base. Here’s a deeper dive into what people are saying:

  • Over 90,000 reviews on Amazon lay testament to the product’s effectiveness and popularity. Customers often highlight how quickly and efficiently it relieves insect bites.
  • A massive leap from 2,000 to more than 30,000 positive reviews showcases a growing trust in Bug Bite Thing. Users praise its ease of use and instant relief capabilities.
  • Many reviewers share personal stories of relief from mosquito and other insect bites, underscoring the product’s wide-ranging applicability.
  • Feedback frequently mentions the tool’s chemical-free nature as a major plus, aligning with growing consumer demand for sustainability and health-conscious products.
  • Families often express gratitude for having a solution that is safe for children, making it a staple in their outdoor activities.
  • Several comments applaud the device for not only meeting but exceeding expectations—a rare feat in today’s market. This satisfaction highlights the product’s value proposition.
  • The customer service team receives high marks for responsiveness and helpfulness, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to quality support beyond just sales.
  • Repeat customers are common according to feedback, indicating that those who try Bug Bite Thing become loyal users who recommend it to others.

Through this feedback loop, Bug Bite Thing continues to refine its offering—proving that listening to customers not only builds a better product but also fosters an engaged community around the brand.

The Worth of Bug Bite Thing

Explore how Bug Bite Thing’s worth has soared over the years and catch a glimpse into its promising future—get ready to dive deeper!

Company’s net worth over the years

Tracking the financial trajectory of Bug Bite Thing reveals an astounding story of growth and success. Let’s dive into the numbers that paint a picture of this company’s journey.

YearNet Worth (Approx.)Comments
Pre-Shark Tank$250,000Initial valuation based on early sales and potential.
After Shark Tank Appearance$4 MillionHuge spike in valuation following the partnership with Lori Greiner.
2021$15 MillionSales projected to exceed $15 million, reflecting a significant increase in net worth.
2022 Predictions$30 MillionProjected growth based on market expansion and continued sales success.

As the numbers clearly illustrate, Bug Bite Thing’s financial growth isn’t just impressive—it’s a testament to the company’s ability to meet a widespread need with an effective solution. This data-driven snapshot underscores not just a fleeting success, but a sustained upward trajectory that speaks volumes about the brand’s value and potential. The figures also highlight the impact of strategic partnerships and smart marketing, demonstrating a savvy blend of innovation and business acumen that has propelled Bug Bite Thing into the spotlight.

Predictions for future net worth

Seeing the growth trajectory, Bug Bite Thing’s future looks promising. Experts suggest the company might double its net worth in the coming years, thanks to a strong market presence and solid sales figures.

With plans to expand their team and move to a larger location, they are set up for even bigger success.

They aim to tap into untapped markets using strategic marketing tools like social media platforms and TikTok – boosting their visibility. Their adaptability in leveraging technological advancements and artificial intelligence for customer service could redefine how customers interact with brands, potentially leading to an increase in sales and ultimately, a higher net worth.


Bug Bite Thing’s journey from a simple idea to financial triumph is nothing short of remarkable. With Lori Greiner’s help, sales soared to millions. The product ranks as Amazon’s top seller for insect bite relief, backed by tens of thousands of positive reviews.

This proves that with the right vision and teamwork, even small startups can achieve big dreams and impressive net worths.

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1. What makes Bug Bite Thing stand out in the market?

Bug Bite Thing has made a name for itself by not just selling a product, but by offering a unique solution to an annoying problem—bug bites! Their approach? A simple, yet effective method that doesn’t rely on chemicals like Benadryl. Plus, they’ve got the USDA organic stamp of approval.

2. How does Bug Bite Thing keep its team motivated and focused?

You know, keeping a team happy and productive isn’t always easy. But Bug Bite Thing seems to have cracked the code with a mix of solid salaries, clear goals (think KPIs), and some serious employee retention strategies. They understand that motivation comes from within—the inner voice—and they nurture it.

3. Has Bug Bite Thing embraced technology in its operations?

Absolutely! From CRM systems managed in-house to chatbots handling customer inquiries without breaking a sweat… It’s all about automation for them. This tech-savvy approach helps streamline processes and keeps things running smoothly—even when salespeople are off the clock.

4. In what ways does Bug Bite Thing plan for economic downturns or recessions?

Here’s where their savvy really shines—they’re not just crossing fingers; they’re planning ahead with strong pricing strategies and flexing their negotiation muscles when needed. And yes, they do think about outsourcing certain tasks but always weigh it against maintaining quality control.

5. Can I use my HSA or FSA to purchase Bug Bite Thing products?

Guess what? You sure can! The company has smartly positioned its products so you can tap into your Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). It’s like they’re saying, “Go ahead—use those pre-tax dollars for our sting-relief gadget.”

6. How does Bug Bite Thing handle cyber threats or credit card security concerns from customers?

In today’s world—where cyber threats loom large—they don’t take chances. Protecting customer data is top priority; hence why they invest in robust technologies and practices designed to safeguard every transaction… Because peace of mind matters as much as itch relief.