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Chord Buddy’s Net Worth: The Secret to Their Success

Chord Buddy’s Net Worth: The Secret to Their Success

How long does it take to play songs on a guitar? We know it’s a long process, but there’s an easier way. Believe it or not, you can learn the guitar in only two months.  

Wait, there’s more! Chord Buddy also allows you to play songs right away. 

With about $6 million net worth, Chord Buddy has gained great success since its appearance on Shark Tank. 

Keep reading for Chord Buddy net worth, story, and more. 

What Is Chord Buddy? 

Chord Buddy is a system for learning the guitar. It’s a fixture of four colored tabs that you add to the guitar’s neck.  

Each tab performs a specific process that guitarists otherwise do with their fingers. All you need to do is press on the right color. This gadget allows beginner guitar learners to play songs instantly. 

With Chord Buddy, you don’t need a teacher to learn the guitar. It comes with a DVD and a learning book to help you master the skill. 

Once you learn the chord performed by a given tab, remove it. This way, you learn the guitar gradually while having fun and playing songs from day one. 

Why Chord Buddy? 

Travis Perry first came up with Chord Buddy to help his eight-year-old daughter learn the guitar.  

He knew that people usually quit learning the guitar for at least three reasons: 

  1. Guitar lessons can be quite expensive 
  1. Mastering the chords is hard and requires a long time 
  1. Guitar chords can be painful to work with 

Therefore, he wanted to make it all more fun for her. If she can play full songs instantly, she’ll never quit learning. 

What Is Special About Chord Buddy? 

Chord Buddy is more than just a dream come true for music lovers. It offers value to the people living around Travis Perry. 

The founder of this business doesn’t believe in outsourcing. Instead, he offers all the jobs required to Americans even if it doesn’t mean big savings.  

In fact, many local employees are constantly required, given the steady growth of the business. 

What Happened to Chord Buddy at Shark Tank? 

Travis Perry introduced Chord Buddy in season three of Shark Tank. He initially pitched $125,000 in exchange for 10% of the business. 

By the time of the show, Perry sold Chord Buddy for $49.95 though its production only cost $7.  

This kind of profit attracted several sharks. For instance, Dayton John and Kevin O’Leary pitched $125,000 for 20%. 

Eventually, Travis sealed the deal with Robert Herjevic. The final pitch was $175,000 for 20% of the stakes. 

Moreover, QVC and Lori gave the product great TV exposure. Such exposure contributed significantly to the success of the business. 

What Is Chord Buddy Net Worth? 

By the time it appeared on Shark Tank, Chord Buddy’s net worth was estimated at over $1 million.  

In addition, within the first 18 months after the show, Chord Buddy made more than $230,000 in sales.  

In fact, it has made amazing sales on Amazon. Now, the company offers a range of products that all facilitate learning the guitar. 

Up till today, Chord Buddy is up and running. In fact, it’s still gaining great popularity and accumulating wealth. Now, the company’s net worth is estimated at $6 million. 


If you’re into playing the guitar, you probably know how hard it is to master the skill. That’s why Chord Buddy comes to the rescue.  

It’s the easiest way to learn the guitar, which made it a great success on Shark Tank. Now, Chord Buddy net worth is about $6 million. 

With Chord Buddy, learning to play the guitar has never been easier.