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Comparing Blocksy and Elementor: Which WordPress Theme Builder is Right for You?

Comparing Blocksy and Elementor: Which WordPress Theme Builder is Right for You?

Deciding on the perfect WordPress theme builder for your website can be a daunting task. With options like Blocksy and Elementor leading the pack, it’s important to understand how they compare head-to-head.

This blog post will dissect their key features, pros & cons, performance comparison, user experience and pricing to help you make an informed decision. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Blocksy offers importable demo sites, detailed customizer options, page-level controls, conditional headers footers sidebars, and custom layouts/hooks, making it a powerful WordPress theme builder for advanced customization.
  • Elementor has a large user base and provides a user-friendly editing experience with pre-made layouts, but may have limitations in terms of detailed customization options and global color choices.
  • Both Blocksy and Elementor prioritize performance optimization and offer responsive websites with impressive speed. The choice between the two depends on specific needs, budget, and comfort level with the platform’s features and interface.

Overview of Blocksy and Elementor

Blocksy and Elementor are leading WordPress theme builders that offer web developers and entrepreneurs innovative solutions to create responsive websites. Blocksy, developed by CreativeThemes in the United States, is known for its highly customizable features that include importable demo sites, detailed customizer options, page-level controls, conditional headers footers sidebars along with custom layouts/hooks.

On the other hand, Elementor provides a platform which has been adopted by a significant number of users owing to their easy-to-use interface providing an enhanced editing experience and robust performance.

Further adorned with pre-made layouts that make designing any website a breeze regardless of coding skills or technical expertise. Both tools excel in creating sophisticated multipurpose themes for all types of WooCommerce stores or blogs while offering impressive integrations with Google Maps, Facebook, Slack among others as well as various prospecting tools and lead nurturing resources.

Key Features of Blocksy

Blocksy offers several key features that make it a popular choice for WordPress website creators and developers.

Importable Demo Sites

Blocksy shines in its provision of importable demo sites, a prime feature that distinguishes it as an excellent WordPress theme builder. Showcasing high-quality designs for customization, these demo layouts serve as benchmarks and inspiration tools to help users create their unique web creations.

With Blocksy’s aesthetically pleasing demo sites, SEO enthusiasts can explore the multipurpose theme’s capabilities and experiment with blog layouts, headers, footers and custom layouts at free will.

It fuels creativity while simplifying website creation processes by offering practical templates to kickstart your projects.

Detailed Customizer Options

Blocksy stands out with its extensive detailed customizer options, aiming to give you comprehensive control over your WordPress theme’s appearance. This feature sets it apart in the crowded market of WordPress builders.

You can fine-tune settings for every aspect of your website without ever touching a line of code. From setting global color palettes that ensure consistent branding throughout the site to adding unique elements to headers and footers using Blocksy’s Header builder, there are myriad possibilities at your fingertips.

With the added advantage of creating custom sidebars for individual pages, Blocksy elevates personalization to new heights. In fact, users can even employ custom code snippets provided by this robust tool if they wish to go beyond pre-defined options and customize further according to their specific needs.

Page-Level Controls

Page-Level Controls is a key feature of Blocksy that allows users to have greater control over individual pages on their WordPress website. With this feature, users can easily customize specific elements or apply different settings to each page, giving them the flexibility to create unique and tailored webpages.

Whether it’s adjusting the layout, adding custom code snippets, or setting up custom sidebars, Blocksy’s Page-Level Controls empower website creators and developers to have granular control over their site design without affecting other pages.

This ensures a seamless user experience and enhances the overall customization capabilities of Blocksy as a WordPress theme builder.

Conditional Headers, Footers, and Sidebars

Blocksy offers the convenient feature of conditional headers, footers, and sidebars, allowing users to easily customize these elements based on specific conditions. With Blocksy, you can design different headers or footers for various pages or sections of your website.

This flexibility enables you to create a unique and personalized user experience while maintaining consistency throughout your site. Additionally, Blocksy allows for custom sidebars that can be set up individually for each page, giving you even more control over the layout and functionality of your website.

Custom Layouts/Hooks

Blocksy offers a unique feature known as custom layouts and hooks, allowing WordPress web developers to have complete control over the design and functionality of their websites. With custom layouts, users can create their own page templates and modify them according to their specific needs.

This means they can easily customize the layout of different sections of their site, such as headers, footers, sidebars, and more. Additionally, Blocksy provides hooks that allow users to insert custom code snippets at various points in their website’s theme.

These hooks are extremely helpful for advanced customization and integration with third-party plugins or APIs. Overall, Blocksy’s custom layouts and hooks empower SEO professionals to create highly personalized, responsive websites without any limitations.

Key Features of Elementor

Elementor is known for its large user base, offering a wide range of features such as multi-page editing, CSS & SASS styling, and a drag-and-drop interface for easy customization.

Number of Users

Elementor is a popular WordPress theme builder with a large user base. It has over 5 million active installations, making it one of the most widely used website creation tools in the market.

This high number of users speaks to Elementor’s reliability, functionality, and usability. With such a vast community using and contributing to Elementor, users can benefit from an extensive network of support, resources, and integrations.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, Elementor offers a robust platform for creating visually stunning websites without needing to write code.

Editing Experience

Elementor offers a user-friendly editing experience that allows WordPress website creators and developers to easily customize their websites. With its drag-and-drop functionality, users can effortlessly arrange elements on the page and see real-time changes.

Elementor also provides a wide range of pre-made layouts and templates to choose from, making it easy for users to create stunning designs without any coding knowledge. Additionally, Elementor’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing for efficient editing workflows.


Performance is a crucial factor when comparing WordPress theme builders like Blocksy and Elementor. Both options offer impressive speed and responsiveness, but there are some differences to consider.

Elementor has a larger user base, with over 5 million active installs worldwide. This widespread adoption speaks to its reliability and performance capabilities. On the other hand, Blocksy emphasizes performance optimization, resulting in lightning-fast loading times for websites built with this theme builder.

Blocksy also offers features like lazy loading and resource minimization to ensure optimal performance across devices. Ultimately, both Blocksy and Elementor prioritize performance, making them excellent choices for creating high-performing WordPress websites.

Premade layouts

Premade layouts are a key feature of both Blocksy and Elementor, providing users with a wide range of professionally designed templates that can be easily imported and customized. These premade layouts act as a starting point for building websites, saving time and effort in the design process.

With Elementor, users have access to a vast library of over 300 premade layouts, covering various industries and niches. On the other hand, Blocksy offers around 40 importable demo sites with unique designs that cater to different purposes such as blogs, portfolios, and online stores.

Both themes allow users to customize these premade layouts according to their branding requirements and content needs.

Pros and Cons of Blocksy

Blocksy is a powerful WordPress theme builder that offers several unique features along with easy-to-use customization options. However, like any other platform, it has its set of advantages and drawbacks. Below is an analysis of the pros and cons of Blocksy:

Blocksy offers importable demo sites, making it easy for beginners to set up their website.Some users might find the number of customization options overwhelming, especially if they’re new to website building.
The theme offers detailed customizer options with separate tabs for general options, post types, and WordPress core options, allowing for thorough personalization.The free version might come with limitations that might not suffice for some users, pushing them to pay for the pro version.
The Blocksy header and footer builders allow for a high level of customization, enhancing the overall look and feel of the website.Blocksy requires some learning curve to master its full potential, and it might not be the right fit for those looking for a plug-and-play solution.
Blocksy provides global color options, ensuring consistent color choices throughout the website.Switching to Blocksy from another theme may require some effort and time, especially if the other theme is not compatible with Elementor or Gutenberg.
Blocksy Pro provides additional features such as content blocks and the ability to customize post types and their archives separately.The cost of the Pro version might push away some users looking for a more budget-friendly solution.

Pros and Cons of Elementor

Elementor is widely recognized for its easy-to-use features, user-friendly design, and comprehensive support. However, like any platform, it comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Here is a detailed breakdown:

Elementor boasts a large number of users, which is a testament to its popularity and reliability.Unlike Blocksy, Elementor does not offer global color options, which may limit consistent color choices across the website.
Its editing experience is praised for being intuitive, making it easy even for beginners.While Elementor does offer premade layouts, it does not feature Blocksy’s conditional headers, footers, and sidebars.
The platform delivers good performance, ensuring a smooth user experience.It may not offer the same level of detailed customizer options as offered by Blocksy, which may limit design flexibility.
Elementor’s support team is responsive and highly rated by users for their assistance.Compared to Blocksy’s generous offer of importable demo sites, Elementor’s offerings may seem limited.

Remember, the right choice between Blocksy and Elementor largely depends on your specific needs, budget, and comfort level with the platform’s features and interface.

Comparing Performance: Blocksy vs Elementor

When it comes to performance, both Blocksy and Elementor have their unique strengths and areas of improvement. Let’s take a deeper look into the performance of both these WordPress Theme Builders.

Performance AspectBlocksyElementor
Site Load TimeBlocksy is known for its fast and efficient page loading times, optimizing user experience.Elementor, though generally efficient, may sometimes affect the site’s load time due to its extensive range of features.
SEO OptimizationBlocksy is designed with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring that your website stays at the top of search engine results.Elementor also integrates well with SEO principles, but there have been occasional issues reported with the compatibility with some SEO plugins.
Customization and User ExperienceWith its intuitive design and detailed customizer options, Blocksy provides an excellent user experience.Elementor’s user experience is also commendable, with a large number of users appreciating its easy editing experience and premade layouts.
Support and DocumentationBlocksy has robust documentation and offers training through webinars and live online, ensuring users can effectively use the tool.Elementor also provides extensive documentation and enjoys positive reviews for its support services, offering in-person sessions as well.

Both Blocksy and Elementor display strong performance in various aspects, but depending upon your individual needs and preferences, you may find one tool more suitable than the other.

Pricing: Blocksy vs Elementor

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme builder, pricing plays a crucial role. Both Blocksy and Elementor offer different pricing options tailored to individual, business, and agency needs.

Price PlanBlocksyElementor
Free VersionAvailableFree Trial
Personal Plan$49/year$49/year
Professional Plan$99/year$99/year
Agency Plan$199/year$199/year

It’s important to note that while both platforms offer similar pricing structures, the features included within each plan vary. Therefore, when making a choice, you should take into consideration not only the cost but also the specific features and capabilities that each platform provides in relation to your needs.

User Experience: Blocksy vs Elementor

Blocksy and Elementor both offer distinctly unique user experiences, each catering to their users’ needs and skill levels. Let’s break down their user experience in the following table.

User Experience AspectBlocksyElementor
Ease of UseBlocksy is known for its intuitive layout and user-friendly interface, which is easy for beginners to grasp.Elementor has received positive reviews for its ease of use. Its drag-and-drop feature makes it user-friendly, even for those without coding skills.
TrainingTraining for Blocksy is available through documentation, webinars, and live online or in-person sessions.Similarly, Elementor provides training through the same channels to ensure users have the necessary knowledge to effectively use the platform.
SupportBlocksy, developed by CreativeThemes in the United States, offers robust support for users.Elementor, also based in the United States, is known for its excellent support system, providing users with immediate and effective solutions.
CustomizationBlocksy provides detailed customizer options, giving users greater control over their site’s look and feel.Elementor also offers high customization capability, with pre-made layouts that users can easily use and modify based on their preferences.

Customization Options: Blocksy vs Elementor

Blocksy and Elementor WordPress theme builders both offer robust customization options. However, their approaches and specific features can vary significantly, affecting the overall ease of use, flexibility, and the final look of your website.

Customization OptionsBlocksyElementor
FrameworkBased on a lightweight, multipurpose WordPress theme space.Based on its own custom editor, differing from the default Gutenberg Editor.
Demo SitesOffers excellent quality demo sites for easy building.Offers premade layouts with a variety of themes.
Customizer OptionsProvides detailed customizer options, including global color options for consistent color choices throughout the website.Recognized for its ease of use and feature-rich customizer options.
Custom LayoutsAllows advanced users to design their own theme templates using the block editor and strong conditional rules for custom layouts.Enables users to build custom layouts with drag-and-drop features.
PerformanceExcellent performance due to lightweight, clean code and optimized asset loading with Webpack.Noted for its reliable performance but specific performance can depend on the complexity of the layout.

When choosing between Blocksy and Elementor, consider your specific needs, expertise level, and preferences in customization options. Both builders offer unique strengths and could be the perfect tool to help you construct and design your ideal website.

Switching from Elementor to Blocksy: Key Considerations

  • Consider the learning curve: Switching from Elementor to Blocksy may require some time and effort to learn the new interface and features.
  • Evaluate customization options: Take into account the level of customization offered by Blocksy compared to Elementor and determine if it aligns with your website needs.
  • Assess compatibility with existing plugins: Check if the plugins you currently use with Elementor are compatible with Blocksy or if there are alternative options available.
  • Analyze website performance: Look at how Blocksy performs in terms of speed and optimization compared to Elementor, as this can impact user experience and SEO rankings.
  • Review customer support: Research the level of customer support provided by both Blocksy and Elementor to ensure you have access to assistance when needed.
  • Consider cost implications: Evaluate the pricing plans for both Blocksy and Elementor, taking into consideration any additional costs associated with switching themes or rebuilding elements on your website.

Switching from one WordPress theme builder to another is a significant decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. By evaluating the learning curve, customization options, plugin compatibility, website performance, customer support, and cost implications, you can make an informed decision on whether switching from Elementor to Blocksy is the right move for your website.

Who Should Choose Blocksy?

Blocksy is an ideal choice for SEO professionals and website creators looking for a lightweight, customizable theme builder. With its well-designed Customizer options, Blocksy allows users to easily customize their websites without the need for coding skills.

Additionally, Blocksy offers advanced features specifically designed for WooCommerce stores, making it a great option for eCommerce businesses.

Furthermore, if you’re someone who values flexibility in design and wants access to a wide range of importable demo sites with high-quality designs, Blocksy is the right choice. It is highly compatible with both Elementor and Gutenberg, two key tools used in website building.

The theme also provides global color options and separate builders for headers and footers, allowing for easy customization of these sections.

Ultimately, those who want a user-friendly theme builder that offers extensive customization options while maintaining optimal performance should choose Blocksy as their WordPress theme builder.

Who Should Choose Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress theme builder that offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it a great choice for beginners or those who prefer a visual editing experience. With Elementor, users can easily create and customize their websites without any coding knowledge.

It also provides a wide range of premade layouts and templates to choose from, making it ideal for individuals or businesses looking for a quick and hassle-free website building solution.

Additionally, Elementor has a large user base and extensive documentation, providing support and resources for those who need assistance along the way.

Conclusion: Deciding Which WordPress Theme Builder is Right for You

In conclusion, choosing between Blocksy and Elementor ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. Blocksy offers a user-friendly experience with detailed customization options and impressive performance, making it a great choice for WordPress web developers looking to create responsive websites.

On the other hand, Elementor has a larger user base and provides a wide range of premade layouts, making it ideal for website creators who value convenience and flexibility. Ultimately, take into account your budget, desired features, and level of expertise when deciding which WordPress theme builder is right for you.


1. What are the key differences between Blocksy and Elementor?

Blocksy is a lightweight and fast WordPress theme builder that focuses on performance, while Elementor is a powerful page builder with an extensive range of design options. Additionally, Blocksy offers built-in WooCommerce compatibility, while Elementor provides more advanced features like theme building and dynamic content.

2. Can I switch from one theme builder to another without losing my website’s design?

Yes, it is possible to switch from one theme builder to another without losing your website’s design. However, some adjustments may be required depending on the specific elements and settings used in each builder.

3. Which theme builder is better for beginners?

Elementor tends to have a more user-friendly interface with its drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive controls, making it a popular choice for beginners who want an easy-to-use WordPress theme builder.

4. Does Blocksy or Elementor offer better customization options for responsive designs?

Both Blocksy and Elementor provide robust customization options for creating responsive designs. However, Elementor offers more granular control over breakpoints and device-specific styling, allowing for greater precision in optimizing the appearance of your website across different devices.