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Coyote Vest’s Million-Dollar Net Worth: How They Did It!

Coyote Vest’s Million-Dollar Net Worth: How They Did It!

Coyote Vest is one of the companies that didn’t secure a deal in Shark Tank. So, what happened after the show? Has Coyote Vest’s net worth increased?  

You’ll be surprised to know that Coyote Vest currently makes $1 million in sales annually, even without the help of investors. 

Quick Facts (Coyote Vest at a Glance) 

  • Shark Tank Episode: Season 10, Episode 23 
  • Aired: May 12, 2019 
  • Founders: Paul and Pamela Mott 
  • Investor: None 
  • Final Deal: No Deal 
  • Status: Operational 

About Coyote Vest 

Coyote Vest is an armor that protects your cats and dogs from dangerous predators. It uses a stab-resistant material called Dupont Kevlar.

You can attach spikes and whiskers to act as deterrents to attacks.  

The brand doesn’t guarantee that its product will prevent attacks and death. However, it’s effective pet clothing for slowing an attacker down.

It gives owners enough time to react before any injury may happen. 

How Did Coyote Vest Begin? 

Paul Mott was at a park with his poodle one day. As they were about to leave, he happened to look away for a moment.

When he turned back to call his dog, what he saw was straight out of a horror scene. 

Buffy, one of his poodles, was in the mouth of a coyote. The poor animal cried, but the coyote only dragged it away. Paul never saw his dog again. 

Enraged, Paul wanted to exterminate the coyotes in the area. Yet, he knew this wasn’t the right thing to do. That’s when he came up with the Coyote Vest.  

Coyote Vest Success Before Shark Tank 

Two years after the tragic incident, Paul and his wife, Pamela, created a product that they believed was the answer. The couple would soon go on to sell 100 units.  

They garnered the attention of several news companies. Coyote Vest got featured on CBS 8, ABC 10 News, CBS Los Angeles, and TMJ 4 News. 

Paul and Pamela said that their buyers encouraged them to make a presentation at Shark Tank, and so they did! 

Making The Pitch 

On presentation day, the couple came in with several dogs, all sporting edgy vests. The sharks instantly started fawning over the adorable models. 

Paul and Pamela asked for $250,000 for 10% of their company. Sadly, none of the sharks felt like they were the right people to fund Coyote Vest and no deal came out of the pitch. 

Nevertheless, the couple expressed gratitude for the opportunity to spread their advocacy for saving the lives of countless pets. 

Coyote Vest After Shark Tank 

Even though it couldn’t secure a deal, Coyote Vest went on to become a popular safety vest. Its sales currently reach $1 million annually.  

The company developed new products like hawk protectors and electric vests to shock attackers. It even employed K9 dogs to come in and test the vests.  

Final Thoughts 

Coyote Vest’s net worth increased even though it wasn’t able to secure funding from Shark Tank. However, its founders pushed on. The company continues to create quality products to this day. 

If you’re in an area with coyotes or hawks around, we recommend you check their products out