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eCreamery’s Post-Shark Tank Success Story

eCreamery’s Post-Shark Tank Success Story

Everyone loves ice cream and sorbets, but what can a twist of customizable flavors get you?  

If you’re wondering what eCreamy net worth is, keep on reading for an interesting break down. 

Net Worth 

Becky App and Abby Jordan asked for $250 thousand in exchange for 33% equity. When eCreamery appeared on Shark Tank’s 2nd episode of the 4th season, they were valued at around $750 thousand. 

That was back in 2012, but now eCreamery’s net worth is $2 million. 

Quick Facts (At a Glance) 

  • The founders didn’t work in a food-related industry before. 
  • Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet visited the brick-and-mortar location for eCreamery. 
  • eCreamery have gifts for personalilzed occasions. 

About eCreamery 

The founders of eCreamery—Becky App and Abby Jordan—worked at the luxury jewelry company: Borsheim’s. 

Abby joined in 2000 and landed a job as a store manager in the Marketing and Corporate GIft department. 

Her main responsibility was to manage an online corporate gift program. On the other hand, Becky’s position as a Senior Marketing Specialist got her savvy with marketing and advertising strategies. 

This collective knowledge and experience set them on the path to start an online gifting store, and they decided they wanted it to be for ice creams, gelato, sorbets, and a variety of cookies. 

What sets their business apart is that their flavors are customizable, so you can get whatever flavor you want. 

This suits the root idea of the business, which is gifting. In other words, you can gift your loved one with a personalized flavor on a special occasion, making it very thoughtful and fun. 

Before Shark Tank 

Before they pitched their idea on Shark Tank, eCreamery already had ample visibility on their website. They were also licensed in Nebraska and had an investor who owned around 70% of the business. 

Pitching on Shark Tank 

The fact that there was another investor involved must have been a huge factor in deterring the sharks from partnering up with App and Jordan. 

Mark thought the business will be emulated locally, which wasn’t his cup of tea. On the other hand, Daymond refused to invest any time or money when the company was 70% owned and controlled by someone else. 

Barbara thought  Becky and Abby needed a loan and not a partner, so she refused to partner up for fear of not getting her money back. 

Finally, Kevin wanted to give them a chance by offering $125 thousand in exchange for 25% equity if the other sharks participated. However, nobody did, so he also opted out. 

After Shark Tank 

The pitch on Shark Tank wasn’t quite successful. However, that didn’t mean the business wasn’t.  

There was a $500 thousand surge in sales for the following three months after Abby’s and Becky’s pitch on the show. 

Not only that, but big celebrities like Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet paid them visits! 


eCreamery currently sells its ice cream online but also operates in brick-and-mortar locations like restaurants, movie theaters, and Hy-Vee supermarkets

Most of the company’s sales are digital, where customers can choose from 50 different flavors and 40 mixes. 

These include flavors like red velvet cake, maple blonde brownie, mocha oreo fudge, caramel chocolate chip cookie, cherry chocolate chunk, coffee toffee, and butter brickle ice creams. 

You can get their four-pint containers on Amazon, too. There’s even an eCreamery ice cream truck, which is an effort to accommodate big occasions and parties. 

Who Are eCreamery’s Competition and How is eCreamery Unique? 

The main competitors for eCreamery are Grom, Berliner, Paciguo, Marble Slab Creamery, Haagen-Dazs, and Gelazzi. 

However, what sets eCreamery apart is its collection of innovative and delicious ice creams. 

Not only that, but the company also gives you a personalized experience from the get-go.  

You can shop their products by occasion (birthday, get well, thank you, treat yourself, just because, etc…) or by flavors. 

Final Thoughts 

eCreamery has gotten quite big after Shark Tank, making Barbara express her regret for passing up the opportunity to invest in the business. 

So, it serves to show that you should think about the potential of a business and not judge by the current situation. 

What’s next for this ice cream gifting business? They’re only getting bigger, it seems. 

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