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What is Fitdeck’s Net Worth? Discover the Stunning Numbers!

What is Fitdeck’s Net Worth? Discover the Stunning Numbers!

Fitdeck is a fitness solution to boost your energy and exercise level. It first appeared in Season five of Shark Tank. 

Although it didn’t get a pitch in the show, this product got much wealth and acclaim after it. It’s still in the market with a net worth of about $4 million. 

Keep reading for more about Fitdeck’s net worth, story, founder, and much more. 

What Is Fitdeck? 

Fitdeck is a customized deck of cards and a mobile application. This product is especially important for those fed up with their workout routine. 

Fitdeck features three difficulty levels. It also comes in two sizes: a 56-card deck and a 26-card deck. Every card on the deck illustrates a specific workout activity.  

All you need to do is shuffle, deal, and do the exercise you see on the card. This way, you actually enjoy your routine workout. 

The 56-deck provides a full-bodyweight exercise plan. Each deck focuses on a specific fitness field, including yoga, basketball, or stretch. 

On the other hand, the smaller 26-card deck provides additional workout plans such as dumbbells and resistance. You can use these specialized cards independently or combined with another deck to produce a higher-level exercise plan. 

Who Founded Fitdeck? 

Phil Black is the founder of Fitdeck. He’s a Navy seal with a master’s from Harvard Business. In addition, he’s a fitness enthusiast and an avid runner. 

Black is an entrepreneur, financial analyst, investment banker, and personal trainer. He combines a passion for fitness with knowledge of the business. 

His original idea was to make his cards custom-made for clubs, teams, and fitness gurus with special workout plans. 

What Is Special About Fitdeck? 

Several factors contribute to the success of Fitdeck, including: 

  • Cheaper than a gym subscription 
  • Creates a new exercise plan with every shuffle 
  • Customized to cater to different needs 
  • Boosts pregnant women’s energy and fitness level 
  • Focuses on three elements: nutrition, sports, and exercise 
  • Features simple instructions and clear illustrations 

How Was Fitdeck Received on Shark Tank? 

In season five of Shark Tank, Phil Black tried to pitch his business idea. However, it was received with much doubt. 

Phil intended to get a sponsorship to conquer the digital world. He wanted to turn Fitdeck into a mobile application that makes the product even more accessible. 

His initial pitch was $300,000 in return for 20% of the business. Despite being impressed by the product, none of the sharks wanted to invest in his company.  

That decision was due to two primary reasons: 

  1. The company didn’t seem to be making much money. 
  1. The competition was fierce with several fitness apps already on the market. 

What Is Fitdeck Net Worth? 

Although Phil couldn’t secure any deal on the show, his business is still thriving. In fact, this brief appearance on the show has increased Fitdeck’s popularity. 

Black even launched a new bundle named “Shark Tank Bundle” after the show. Now, you can purchase Fitdeck on its website or on Amazon.  

A few months after appearing in Shark Tank, Phil Black sold Fitdeck to Implus. It’s clear now that Fitdeck is still in business but under a different administration.  

As for the company’s net worth, it’s estimated at $4 million. 


Fitdeck is a business venture that facilitates workouts. It’s the solution for those fed up with their exercise plans. 

Although Fitdeck’s founder couldn’t secure any pitch at Shark Tank, it’s still in business. Perhaps that’s because a major company for fitness products acquired the business. 

Fitdeck’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. This is in part due to the exposure it got from the show. If you want a customized workout that caters to your needs, Fitdeck is the product for you. 

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