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The Incredible Net Worth of Aerodrums: Beyond Air Drumming

The Incredible Net Worth of Aerodrums: Beyond Air Drumming

Ever been bothered by the loud noise of your drummer neighbor? We’ve all been there!  

Two entrepreneurs thought about the problem from the perspective of both the drummer and the neighbors. They considered the neighbors bothered by the loud drumming. Plus, they felt for the drummer who couldn’t perform anywhere without heavy equipment and soundproof walls. 

That’s how the idea for Aerodrums was born! 

Now, with an estimated net worth of $12 million, this company is a great success within musical circles. Read more about Aerodrums net worth, mechanism, and founders. 

What Is Aerodrums? 

Aerodrums is a set of virtual drums. It enables you to practice without an actual drum set. The software somehow understands the movement of the drummer through a camera and detector. 

This way, drummers can practice anywhere without the hassle of carrying actual drums. With headphones to listen privately, this product also solves the noise problem. 

What Do You Get With Aerodrums? 

Here’s what you get when you purchase a set of Aerodrums: 

  1. The Aerodrums software 
  1. The Aerodrums lamp 
  1. The Aerodrums sticks 
  1. Two-foot reflector pedals 

How Does Aerodrums Work? 

An Aerodrums kit comes with special sticks, computer software, a special lamp, and foot pedals or reflectors. In addition, you need to buy a play station high-speed camera for motion detection. 

The sticks feature a unique shape that’s sensitive to the light coming from the Aeridrums lamp. 

Thanks to the Aerodrums software, every move you make while virtually playing is matched with the sounds of actual drums, bass drums, and cymbals. This gives the effect of using an entire drum kit. 

The mechanism is simple. Here are the steps: 

  1. Download the software after purchasing the kit. 
  1. Sit in front of your Aerodrums lamp and high-speed camera with your special Aerodrums sticks in hand. 
  1. Move your sticks as if you’re drumming. 
  1. The camera detects any light reflection or difference. 
  1. The foot reflectors capture movement to create the bass. 
  1. The software emits sounds just like real drums. 

How Did Aerodrums Start? 

Aerodrums was established in 2014 by Yann Morvan and Richard Lee, two Ph.D. candidates at Trinity College, Dublin. 

Lee was a drummer who had to spend a long time without practicing due to the hassle of owning and operating a drum kit on campus. 

The two friends started thinking of drummers who can’t practice because of the heavy equipment. That made them come up with Aerodrums.  

In 2014, they introduced their first product to the market. It was only the reflective foot pedals and the drumsticks. 

How Was Aerodrums Received in Dragon’s Den? 

Despite the company’s huge success now, it didn’t seem worth the investment back in 2016 when it first appeared on Dragons Den. 

Morvan and Lee offered a pitch of £75,000 in return for 5% of the company’s stakes. However, none of the investors accepted. 

Touker Suleyman was the first to jump ship. He didn’t believe that this business could have any future.  

On the other hand, two investors offered a joint pitch of £75,000 for a total of 40% stake in the company. However, the partners turned this offer down. They believed that 40% was too much. 

Aerodrums Net Worth? 

According to the Guardian, the company is still a major success. It has managed to sell more than 3500 Aerodrums sets. 

The net worth of this company has skyrocketed to around $12 million. This reflects the amazing success and devotion of its founders. 


Aerodrums is an interesting addition to the music industry. It allows drummers to practice anywhere without the need for their heavy drums. It also solves the noise issue. 

As for Aerodrums net worth, it has increased dramatically since the company first appeared on Dragons Den in 2016. 

With an estimated net worth of $12 million, Aerodrums set itself as a major company within music circles. 

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