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The Mouth-Watering Net Worth of Surprise Cake Revealed!

The Mouth-Watering Net Worth of Surprise Cake Revealed!

It’s no surprise that the cake industry is one of the biggest out there. It’s a $125 billion business, with billions of profits. That’s why it’s challenging to start in such a competitive market. 

Entrepreneurs who want to get into the cake business always look for creative ideas to stand out from the competition. That said, Surprise Cake came up with an innovative idea to get people to buy their products, which is inserting a hidden gift inside their cakes. 

Owners of Surprise Cake appeared on Shark Tank episode 1205. Even though they didn’t get an offer, the business is still running.  

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Surprise Cake’s net worth before and after its appearance on Shark Tank.  

What’s Surprise Cake? 

As the name implies, Surprise Cake is a company that specializes in crafting and selling custom surprise cakes. They currently sell two main products; surprise cakes and popping stands. 

Surprise cake is a cake of your choice. It comes with a hidden surprise gift pod, a pull-card trigger, and an explosion gift box. Whoever cuts the cake and gets out the gift card, he’ll see his present popping up. 

To spice up the experience, you can add optional gift cards from popular retailers such as Uber Eats, Amazon, Target, Disney, and more. 

The popping cake stand implies the same idea but with a twist. The popping stand allows you to hide any gift inside the cake. With a pull ring trigger, the gift is revealed at the right moment. 

Surprise Cake Net Worth 

Even though they didn’t get a deal at Shark Tank, Surprise Cake has been growing in popularity since their appearance on the show.   

In 2022, the company generated a revenue of around $5 million. Before appearing on Shark Tank, the owners of Surprise Cake valued their company at $2.5 million. 

Surprise Cake Appearance on Shark Tank 

Surprise Cake was found by Liz Charm and her son Jordan Long. During their appearance on Shark Tank, Liz explained how she came up with the idea for the surprise cake. 

Lizz implemented her idea of an interactive surprise cake on her daughter’s 12th birthday. She wrapped a new mobile phone in a plastic bag and hit it inside the cake’s layers to surprise her daughter.  

Before starting the business, food safety was an obstacle to Lizz, as it’s not humanly safe to put plastic material in food. That’s when she asked her son Jordon for help. 

Since Jordon was an engineer, he knows a little bit about problem-solving. They came up with the idea of a cake stand that gives the illusion of a present being released out of the cake. They also added a music box to the stand for a more exciting surprise.  

There was a trigger in the stand, when the person hits it, the gift cylinder pops, just like a Jack in the Box. What’s more, the stand needs no batteries to operate. It’s also reusable and hand-washable. 

Liz and Jordon wanted $200K for 8% of their company. Unfortunately, the Sharks weren’t convinced, leaving Surprise Cake with no offer. 

Surprise Cake After Shark Tank 

Despite leaving Shark Tank with no deal, Suprise Cake has been growing in sales ever since.  

The company is still selling its products online and even added new ideas, flavors, gifts, and decorations to its cakes. 

They also put great effort into their social media accounts, especially on Instagram and Facebook.  

We found most online reviews to be positive. Most buyers praised the quality, customer service, and overall experience with Surprise Cake. 

Final Words 

Surprise Cake offers a unique gift idea for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a wedding, anniversary, gender reveals or birthday cake, you’ll find something creative at Surprise Cake. 

Even though they failed to secure a deal at Shark Tank, Liz, and Jordon are still running a successful and growing business. This is evident in their presence on social media, online reviews, and interactive user-friendly website.