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The Aqua Boxing Glove: Shark Tank Debut and Net Worth

The Aqua Boxing Glove: Shark Tank Debut and Net Worth

Are you looking for an element of variety for your exercise routine? Aqua Boxing Gloves, a product that appeared on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank,” certainly brought a new twist to the traditional boxing experience. 

But what makes these gloves unique? They’re designed to provide a great workout and be an effective way to improve your boxing skills. But the real game-changer lies in the water-filled fists and the effects they bring to your training. 

With a creative idea like this, you might wonder how much the company is worth now. 

In our article, we’ll look into Aqua Boxing Gloves’ net worth and what happened to them after Shark Tank. 

What Is Aqua Boxing Gloves? 

Whether you’re a pro boxer or just getting into shape, you know how beneficial a boxing workout is. Building muscle, improving cardiovascular health, losing weight, and improving balance are all benefits of boxing. 

Buying boxing gloves and installing heavy bags might be a hassle to many. For that reason, ex-pro boxer Tony Adeniran came up with the idea of Aqua boxing gloves. 

They’re boxing gloves that you can fill with water to increase their weight from 1.5 to 5.5 pounds. The innovative boxing technology works as a two-in-one product. The waterproof design fits over your hands, which are anchored by the straps on each glove.  

That allows you to enhance your boxing skills without worrying about injuring yourself or your opponents. And when you’re done, you throw them in the sink and give them a rinse! 

The specially designed material means that each punch will send ripples off into the water, allowing you to ideally target specific muscles at different depths and intensities—all while getting your cardio in at the same time!  

Aqua Boxing Gloves Net Worth 

There’s no public information about the net worth of Aqua Boxing Gloves.  

However, when Tony appeared on Shark Tank, he said he made over $40,000 from pre-orders alone. Even though Tony didn’t end up with a deal on Shark Tank, the company is still selling its products online. 

The high-quality products and affordable prices are keys to Aqua Boxing Gloves’ success.  

Furthermore, many professional athletes support the product and are featured on the website. These athletes are Rudy Gay, Patricio O’ward, Jesse Rodriguez, and Joshua Franco. 

Aqua Boxing Gloves Appearance on Shark Tank 

Tony Adenirian entered Shark Tank seeking $100K for 10% of his business. He started his presentation by hitting a heavy bag, pointing out that he lost around four years of his boxing career because of hand injuries. 

He then gave sample gloves to the Sharks to examine. The gloves fit average to large hands. He needed the Shark’s investments to produce gloves that fit smaller hands. 

Tony tried his best to convince Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, and the guest investor, Kevin Heart.  

Unfortunately, they weren’t convinced. Even Kevin, who’s a boxing fanatic, said he loves to hit something while training, so he wasn’t interested. 

What Happened After Shark Tank 

Even though Tony didn’t get a deal in Shark Tank, the sales rate of his product spiked tremendously after the Shark Tank episode.  

However, this is normal for most products. They experience a dramatic rise in sales after their appearance in the show, but this usually remains for only a few days or weeks. 

Tony faced many supply chain challenges during the pandemic. That’s why he started a Kickstarter campaign for his brand in 2022, which was backed by 151 backers.  

By May 2022, Tony collaborated with a designer to make some changes to his product so it’ll be ready for production. 

For now, you can pre-order Aqua Boxing Gloves from the website for around $99. The website also offers other products, like sports duffels and quick hand wraps. 

To Wrap Up 

Despite not getting the deal he wanted, Tony is still running his business. The Aqua Boxing Gloves have the potential for more sales as they offer a low-impact form of exercise, which minimizes the risk of hand injuries. 

There’s not enough information about Aqua Boxing Gloves’ net worth. However, Tony started a Kickstarter campaign for his product in July 2022, which is now backed by 151 people. 

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