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Turbopup’s Big Break: How Shark Tank Changed Their Fortune

Turbopup’s Big Break: How Shark Tank Changed Their Fortune

During season six of Shark Tank, Kristina Guerrero introduced Turbopup.

Later, the business accumulated a tremendous net worth of about $10 million.  

Read on for more information about this nutritious treat and Turbopup’s net worth.  

What Is Turbopup? 

Turbopup is a nutritious energy bar for dogs. It’s healthy to the extent that it can replace a full meal. Kristina Guerrero introduced this product on Shark Tank in February 2015. 

Kristina Guerrero is the founder of Turbopup. She has an impressive military background as a veteran in the American Air Force. 

Guerrero has participated in several operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. After leaving the force, she became a certified occupational therapist. 

Why Turbopup? 

Kristina Guerrero is an avid hiker. She usually enjoys long walks with her dog, Odin. However, one day, she discovered that she had to pack a huge meal to feed her dog nutritional food on the go. 

This decorated veteran initially thought of the idea of Turbopup for two main reasons: 

  1. Avoid packing her dog’s bulky meals. 
  1. Provide her dog with the best nutritional value.  

How Was Turbopup Received on Shark Tank? 

At first, Guerrero wanted a pitch of $100,000 for 20% of the business. However, Robert, Lori, and Mark weren’t certain about the market needs and the expected growth of the product. That made them quit the negotiations. 

Similarly, Kevin O’Leary ruled out the idea altogether. It was Dayton John who went for the pitch. He believed in Guerrero’s discipline and style. 

This product attracted Daymond John for its nutritional value. He was fascinated by Gierrero’s military background and entrepreneurial skills, and he decided to invest in her product. 

Dayton proposed to pay $100,000 for 40%, but they finally agreed on 35%. They further discussed their business plan to finalize the deal and turn Turbopup into a steady business. 

Turbopup Net Worth After Shark Tank 

Before Shark Tank, Guerrero managed to gather about $7,000 in sales. However, after the show, the sales came in millions. 

By February 2016, the business had partnered with Fetch, a significant distributor of pet food. Together with the help of Fetch, Dayton John, and Kristina Guerrero sealed a deal with Pet Smart.  

This deal was a major leap that turned Turbopup from an online product to a treat readily available in about 700 retail stores across the US and Canada.  

In addition, the partners from Fetch proposed that the company participate in the Global Pet Expo. This expo is expected to pave the company’s way into the international pet market. 

At the expo, Kristina impressed everyone with her enhanced formula 

What Happened to Turbopup? 

Unfortunately, Turbopup is no longer available in the market. There hasn’t been any official announcement from the company.  

However, Turbopup has gone out of business. In fact, there has been no activity on Facebook since 2021 and Twitter since 2018. 


Turbopup is an energy bar for dogs. Kristina Guerrero pitched it in season six of Shark Tank. The idea attracted Dayton John, who helped Kristina grow her business nationwide. 

Turbopup net worth was $10 million before it went out of business a couple of years ago.