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Uncovering the Shocking Net Worth of Andrew Tate

Uncovering the Shocking Net Worth of Andrew Tate

As if he wasn’t already famous enough, Andrew Tate made headlines after his recent arrest in Romania.

The former kickboxer and controversial social media star has always been known for his lavish lifestyle and shocking opinions. So, what’s Andrew Tate net worth? 

In this article, we give you a comprehensive look into Andrew Tate’s life. Follow along to know more details about his net worth, businesses, earnings, and much more. 

Andrew Tate’s Profile 

To get to know Andrew Tate better, start by reading some facts about him: 

  • Real Name: Emory Andrew Tate III 
  • Date of Birth: December 1st, 1986 
  • Place of Birth: Washington DC, United States 
  • Profession: Kickboxer, businessman, and commentator 
  • Height: 6’3” 
  • Weight: 176–209 lbs 
  • College: Luxton Sixth Form College 
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
  • Nationality: American and British 
  • Kickboxing Nickname: King Cobra 

Andrew Tate’s Net Worth 

Andrew Tate is a successful kickboxer who won numerous championships. Before getting banned on many social media platforms, he had millions of followers because of his luxurious lifestyle. 

Although many sources believe Andrew Tate’s net worth to be around $50 million, his fans think otherwise.

People who follow Andrew Tate insist that his net worth falls somewhere between $300 and $400 million. 

Surprisingly enough, some online reports even claim that Andrew Tate’s fortune is well over the $700 million limit. 

Andrew Tate’s Early Life 

Andrew Tate, also known as Emory Andrew Tate the third, was born in December 1986 in Washington, DC. His father, Emory Tate, was an international chess master, and his mother worked in a catering business. Sadly, their marriage didn’t last for long. 

When Andrew was about four years old, his parents got divorced. After that, he moved to England with his mother and brother, Tristan. Andrew then settled in Luton and spent most of his life there. 

Following his father’s lead, Andrew learned how to play chess as young as five years old. As a child, he competed in adult tournaments but didn’t continue down that path. 

Early in his life, Andrew showed interest in kickboxing and started practicing the sport in 2005. By 2009, he won his first championship and became quite popular among kickboxing fans as well as young players. 

Andrew Tate’s Education 

Where he grew up in England, Andrew Tate studied at Luton Sixth Form College. Nevertheless, he never intended to pursue a career in his study field.

That’s why he dropped out and followed his dreams of being a professional kickboxer. 

Andrew Tate’s Professional Life 

Andrew Tate has always been a controversial figure that grabbed media attention. In fact, he made it to Google Trends 2022’s list of the most searched person in the “Who is” category. 

At one point in his life, Andrew didn’t have money to eat. However, he worked his way up to becoming an extremely rich person. He even claims to be the world’s first trillionaire, but no evidence supports this claim. 

Starting from his boxing career to his recent arrest in Bucharest. Take a look at Andrew Tate’s professional life and the businesses he started. 

1. Kickboxing Career 

Andrew Tate led an impressive kickboxing career with 76 wins and only 9 losses. In 23 of these victories, he won by knocking out his opponent (KO). The four times kickboxing world champion retired in 2016 after a career that lasted for over ten years. 

In his years of pursuing this career, Andrew was making about $100,000–$200,000 per year, which isn’t that much. That’s probably why he retired to pursue other money-making paths. 

Andrew Tate’s Awards and Achievements include the following: 

  • 2009’s ISKA English Full Contact Cruiserweight Champion 
  • 2009’s IKF British Cruiserweight Champion −84.5 kg 
  • 2011’s ISKA World Full-Contact Light Heavyweight Champion −81.5 kg 
  • 2013’s ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion −84.6 kg 
  • 2015’s Enfusion Live World Light Heavyweight Champion −90 kg. 

2. Big Brother Appearance 

After retiring from kickboxing, Andrew appeared in the reality show “Big Brother.” However, they removed him after only six days following the 2015 rape allegations. Although the Crown Prosecution Service didn’t press charges, he never returned to the show. 

3. Webcam Studio 

Alongside his brother, Andrew Tate started an adult webcam studio business. A webcam business is where female models interact with customers through a live broadcast, performing erotic acts in exchange for money. 

Although the Tate brothers earned millions of dollars through this business, they stopped running it. What’s more, they didn’t even state what its name was. 

4. Hustler University 

Hustler University is a platform where people learn how to make money online by watching pre-recorded videos.

For $49.99 per month, members of this platform can acquire information about getting revenue outside of the conventional employment route. 

Reportedly, Hustler’s University makes between $1 and $5 million in annual revenue. 

5. The War Room Group 

After getting banned from most social media platforms, Andrew resorted to Telegram and made “The War Room.” He charges about $5,000 to join this group, where men get to unite and become better in life. 

6. Casino Business 

In his early 30s, Andrew Tate opened his first Romanian casino. Now, together with his brother, he owns 15 of them, generating over $1 million in monthly revenue. 

7. TV Appearances 

Aside from the British reality TV show Big Brother, Andrew Tate has also done commentaries in the Romanian Mixed Martial Arts event “Real Extreme Fighter.” 

Andrew Tate’s Assets 

Andrew Tate owns several assets, including a huge car collection and a house in Romania, not to mention his several casinos.

However, amid the recent scandal in Romania, the police seized many of his assets, including 15 cars and over 10 properties. 

Reportedly, Andrew has a fleet of stunning cars ranging from Porsches to BMWs. Take a look at a few of his car models and how much they’re worth. 

  • Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe: $140,000+ 
  • Lamborghini Huracan Spyder: $225,000+ 
  • McLaren 720S: $236,000+ 
  • Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: $305,000+ 
  • Ferrari 812 Superfast: $325,000+ 
  • Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport: $4.3 million+ 

Andrew Tate’s Social Media Ban 

As a public figure, Andrew Tate gained huge popularity and had millions of followers on all social media platforms. In 2018, he created the two Youtube channels “Tate CONFIDENTIAL” and “TateSpeech.” 

He shared photos and videos of his extravagant lifestyle across social media. He also uploaded vlogs and commentary on his channel that caught much attention. Consequently, this attention attracted more traffic which added to his fortune. 

Clips of Andrew went viral after the misogynistic comments he made about women, which led to public rage. People started questioning his influence on the younger generations and demanded social media platforms take down his accounts. 

After the ban, Andrew appeared in a Youtube video claiming that his statements were taken out of context. It’s worth saying that one of his tweets was about how he thinks women who get raped are partially responsible for it. 

Andrew got permanently banned from all social media platforms due to violating their policy on “dangerous organizations and individuals.” Yet, his videos are still circulating the internet via people sharing them. 

Andrew Tate’s Arrest in Romania 

After the rape allegations and investigations that happened in England, Andrew decided to move to Romania. He admitted in a video that the real reason behind this was the lax Romanian laws regarding rape-related crimes. 

Andrew also claimed that western society is corrupt and that he didn’t feel comfortable there. Furthermore, he explained how he preferred living in a country where corruption is accessible. 

In April 2022, a girl was reported to be held captive in Andrew’s house in Pipera, Romania by her former boyfriend. As a result, the Romanian police raided his home and a nearby webcam studio. Two of the four women found on site claimed they were held against their will. 

This incident led the Romanian anti-organized crime agency DIICOT to investigate the matter and interrogate the two brothers. At the time, the Tate brothers were only considered witnesses in rape and human trafficking cases. 

However, in December of the same year, the police arrested Andrew and Tristan Tate as suspects in forming an organized crime group. The DIICOT accused the two brothers of seducing women and forcing them to record explicit content for their webcam business. 

The Romanian authorities seized tens of assets belonging to the Tate brothers and their companies. In case they were proven guilty, they’re not getting those assets back. 

A Final Thought 

No doubt that Andrew Tate lived his life to the fullest and collected a decent fortune, but how much is Andrew Tate net worth? 

The former kickboxer, influencer, and businessman Andrew Tate is believed to have a net worth of over $300 million. Presumably, he gained all this money from the many businesses he owned, including casinos, online training programs, and webcam studios. 

Despite his arrest and the many rumors surrounding him, Andrew Tate continues to attract attention to this day. 

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