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Ninja Cards Net Worth: Eight Years After Shark Tank 

Ninja Cards Net Worth: Eight Years After Shark Tank 

It’s been a couple of years since Ninja Cards got pitched on Shark Tank. Despite its potential to secure investors, the unfortunate opposite happened. 

Fast forward: How is the business thriving in 2023? Read on to know about Ninja Cards’ net worth at present and how things have rolled since that fateful day. 

Ninja Cards: Net Worth Then and Now 

Before getting featured in the reality TV show, Ninja Cards had a net worth of $300,000. After that, the company progressed to gaining an annual revenue of $100,000. 

The failed negotiation with the sharks may have affected the entrepreneurs, but their publicity made a pretty good impact on their business.  

Ninja Cards grew with the support from partners that eventually emerged, as well as supplementary funding that entered the picture later on. 

These factors, and all the other outcomes from their exhibition, amounted to a net worth of $1 Million as of 2023. 

Ninja Cards: Quick Facts 

The important details at a glance: 

Company Ninja Cards 
Founders Ken Haton Dustin Berk 
Product Cards 
Concept Card-throwing target game 
Business Operation Continuous with very limited product availability 
Shark Tank Appearance October 3, 2014 – Season 6, Episode 3 
Shark Tank Proposal 60,000 USD for 30% equity (representing a total investment of $300,000) 
Shark Tank Deal Denied 

Ninja Cards: How It Begun 

Dustin and Ken’s tandem started when they were colleagues at a company, and the indeliberate creation of Ninja Cards happened on one of their work-related trips. 

Struck with boredom during their stay at the hotel, they tried to kill time by throwing their key cards toward a bottle.  

This random pastime, later on, shifted into a business idea that the founders developed and launched in 2009. Like darts that need a board as their target, they paired the cards with a board that they customized themselves. 

Ken “The Butcher” showed his card-throwing techniques in a YouTube video, where he also shared how to perform them correctly. In case you’re wondering, the ninja theme was his idea. 

Ninja Cards: The Shark Tank Experience 

The show significantly contributed to Ninja Cards’ growth. Check out how their journey went from that point on. 


A quick recap of the episode: Ken and Dustin pitched Ninja Cards, offering the sharks 30% equity in the business for an investment of $60,000. 

The sharks dug into the sales and production of the company. Their conversation led to the duo, revealing how the business wasn’t doing well. That’s because their agreement with a licensing toy company got called off. 

Once they understood the business stance, the sharks declined the offer—mainly because of the entrepreneurs’ apparent ineffectiveness. The pitch was then closed. Ken and Dustin left without a single shark deal. 


The negotiations went awful, yet the development after the episode reflected otherwise. Ninja Cards got a taste of success from that exposure. 

Here’s evidence that they did: 

  • Website hits reached more than one million
  • Unit orders increased 
  • Company gained valuable connections 
  • Potential investors engaged in negotiations  

A breakthrough came after the breaking.  

At present, Ninja Cards is still in business—but with a new owner since Ken and Dustin went on different paths in 2018. 

Most of the products displayed on their website are out of stock. You can head on to Amazon if you wish to buy the Ninja Cards Shirt once it’s back on sale. 

At least the cards are available for purchase. Their new product, an educational game called Catch and Learn, is also in stock.  

Wrapping It Up 

Ken Haton and Dustin Berk aimed for the sharks when they pitched Ninja Cards. They’ve missed their target, but in return, they became targets for other opportunities afterward.  

Ninja Cards’ net worth of a million dollars and their continuing existence in the industry today prove that there are plenty more fish in the sea than at Shark Tank. 

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