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Uncovering Levi Roots Net Worth: From Musician to Celebrity Chef

Uncovering Levi Roots Net Worth: From Musician to Celebrity Chef

Have you ever wondered how someone turns spicy sauce into millions of dollars? Levi Roots did just that, starting from his humble beginnings in Clarendon, Jamaica. This article shines a light on his journey from reggae musician to celebrity chef and successful entrepreneur.

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Key Takeaways

  • Levi Roots transformed his life by turning Reggae Reggae Sauce, a family recipe, into a lucrative business after presenting it on Dragons’ Den in 2007. With an investment of £50,000 from dragons Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh, the sauce made it to Sainsbury’s shelves across the UK.
  • His net worth soared to £30 million, thanks to the success of Reggae Reggae Sauce and its expansion into a variety of Caribbean-inspired products. This includes cooking sauces, ready meals, soft drinks, and desserts.
  • Beyond his sauce empire, Levi ventured into television with his show “Caribbean Food Made Easy” on BBC2 and opened restaurants that highlight Caribbean flavors. He continues to grow his brand with plans for new flavors and restaurant concepts inspired by his heritage.

Levi Roots: From Musician to Celebrity Chef

A vibrant array of Caribbean spices and ingredients in a bustling kitchen.

Levi Roots took his passion from the stage to the kitchen, blending rhythms of reggae with flavors of Caribbean cuisine. As a musician, he once performed with famous names like James Brown, Maxi Priest, and even Bob Marley.

This musical journey laid a foundation for creativity and performance that would later shine through his culinary endeavors.

Transitioning into the food industry wasn’t simple. Roots faced challenges but found his groove when Reggae Reggae Sauce danced its way into people’s hearts at Notting Hill Carnival in 2006.

His life changed after bringing the sauce to “Dragons’ Den,” securing an investment that catapulted him from musician to celebrity chef and businessman. The success of Reggae Reggae Sauce opened doors for him to host “Caribbean Food Made Easy” on BBC2, becoming not just a television personality but also an inspiration for turning passions into profitable ventures.

Levi Roots’ Breakthrough on Dragons’ Den

A bottle of Reggae Reggae Sauce surrounded by vibrant Caribbean ingredients.

In 2007, Dragons’ Den became the launchpad for Levi Roots‘ culinary adventure. He stepped onto the show with his guitar and passion, serenading the dragons with a song about his Reggae Reggae Sauce.

His unique approach caught their attention. With confidence and charm, he pitched his jerk barbecue sauce—a recipe passed down from his grandmother.

The dragons were impressed. Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh decided to invest £50,000 for a 40% stake in Levi’s business. This decision propelled him into the spotlight and set him on a path to success.

Shortly after, Sainsbury’s announced they would stock Reggae Reggae Sauce in 600 stores, making it accessible to thousands of customers across the UK.

Rise of the Reggae Reggae Sauce

After Levi Roots presented his Reggae Reggae Sauce on Dragons’ Den, the sauce quickly became a hit. Sainsbury’s decided to stock it in 600 stores, making it accessible to a wide audience.

This move was a game changer. It not only put the sauce on the map but also made Levi Roots a household name.

The success of Reggae Reggae Sauce opened many doors for Levi. He expanded his range to include more Caribbean-inspired products like cooking sauces, ready meals, and soft drinks. The brand grew from just a sauce to an empire that celebrated Caribbean flavors across various food categories.

Levi Roots’ Expansion into Restaurants and Television

Levi Roots took his passion for cooking beyond the bottle of Reggae Reggae Sauce. He opened his first London restaurant, the Papine Jerk Centre, on the Winstanley Estate in Battersea, Clapham Junction from 2010-2012.

This move marked a new chapter in his journey, connecting more directly with food lovers. Later, he expanded his culinary empire by launching a franchise restaurant in Westfield Stratford City in December 2015.

Unfortunately, this venture closed its doors in 2019.

Roots also made waves on television. He hosted “Caribbean Food Made Easy” on BBC2 and published a cookbook under the same name. Through these platforms, he shared easy-to-follow Caribbean recipes with audiences worldwide.

His TV appearances didn’t stop there; he joined shows like Celebrity Mastermind and Death In Paradise, showcasing his versatile talents and charismatic personality to a broader audience.

Levi Roots’ Net Worth Overview

Levi Roots has made a fortune with his spicy Reggae Reggae Sauce and other ventures. His net worth reflects his journey from musician to food mogul.

Estimated Worth from Reggae Reggae BBQ Sauce

The Reggae Reggae BBQ Sauce has been a game-changer for Levi Roots, catapulting his net worth to an impressive £30 million. This sauce didn’t just bring flavor to the table—it brought fame and fortune.

After its debut on Dragons’ Den in 2007, where Levi secured £50,000 funding, it quickly became more than just a condiment. It expanded into a range of Caribbean-inspired cooking sauces, ready meals, soft drinks, and desserts.

This success story continues as Levi partners with Dragon Peter Jones in further business ventures beyond the sauce that started it all.

Business Ventures with Dragon Peter Jones

Building on the financial foundation laid by Reggae Reggae Sauce, Levi Roots took a significant step forward by partnering with Dragon Peter Jones. This move wasn’t just about funding; it was about gaining a mentor with vast business knowledge.

Together, they worked diligently to grow the brand beyond just a sauce. Their collaboration saw Reggae Reggae Sauce securing spots in major supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, where it became available in 600 stores nationwide.

Jones brought not only his investment but also his expertise in scaling businesses. This partnership led to diversifications such as recipe books and an array of Caribbean-inspired food products that broadened Levi’s market reach.

His involvement provided Levi Roots with invaluable insights into retail strategies and product development, helping establish the sauce as a household name across the UK.

Levi Roots’ Future Ventures and Expectations

Levi Roots plans to spice up the food industry even more. He aims to introduce new flavors and products that draw inspiration from his Caribbean heritage. Expect exciting expansions in his Reggae Reggae Sauce line, with unique blends that promise to tantalize taste buds around the world.

His vision includes not just sauces but a broader range of Caribbean-inspired foods that can easily make their way into homes everywhere.

Roots is also eyeing the restaurant scene with fresh concepts. He intends to create dining experiences that go beyond just eating. These places will immerse diners in Caribbean culture, offering not only mouth-watering dishes but also vibrant music and decor inspired by his roots.

With Levi’s track record of success—from stirring excitement on Dragons’ Den to becoming a beloved name in kitchens—his future ventures are sure to attract attention and palates eager for innovation and flavor.


Levi Roots‘ journey from musician to celebrity chef is a tale of passion, innovation, and success. He turned his family’s secret sauce into a multimillion-dollar business. With appearances on Dragon’s Den and investments in restaurants and TV shows, his story inspires many.

His net worth of £30 million reflects hard work and determination. Truly, Roots shows how blending unique flavors can lead to extraordinary achievements.

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1. Who is Levi Roots, and why is he famous?

Levi Roots made his mark first as a musician, winning a MOBO Award, but really hit the big time after appearing on Dragon’s Den. He charmed viewers and dragons alike with his Reggae Reggae Sauce pitch. From there, he became a household name, even cooking for Nelson Mandela and popping up on shows like Celebrity Big Brother.

2. How did Levi Roots make his money?

After securing investment on Dragon’s Den, Levi’s sauce flew off the shelves — it was everywhere! But that’s not all; he expanded into cookbooks and TV shows, making him a regular face in homes across the country. His ventures landed him a spot on the Sunday Times Rich List.

3. Is it true Levi Roots was once featured in Radio Times?

Absolutely! With his rise to fame came media attention from all corners – including features in Radio Times about his culinary adventures and appearances on ITVx (formerly ITV). He’s been in front of cameras quite a bit since those early days pitching sauce.

4. Has Levi Root’s journey been smooth sailing?

Not exactly… Like any story worth telling, there were bumps along the way — controversies around recipe claims or scrutiny by bodies like the Independent Press Standards Organisation didn’t stop him though. Despite challenges, Levi continued to spice up kitchens worldwide while building an impressive net worth.